Athlete of the Month – November 2015

Run Jump Lift

Athlete of the Month –  November 2015


getting to know Meg Persichetti

You prefer to be called:  Flawless

You spend most of your time:  With people I love

Favorite quote or words to live by:  “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” -Marianne Williamson 

Athletic background:  Dance, Tai Chi, Running Running and more Running

How long at RJL &  your first WOD: I started in June 2015, I don’t remember what my first WOD was called, only that I threw up a little in my mouth while doing a ridiculous amount of pull-ups.

What do you like most about RJL: Everyday I leave differently than I arrived!  

What are your training goals:  To suspend my disbelief that I can possibly clean the amount of weight Malcolm just loaded on my bar.

Favorite & least favorite WODs: My least favorite WOD is the one I don’t do, when life has other plans for me. My favorite is Mrs. Crabtree, because she’s a bitch and I completely respect her. 

Recent or next adventure: Producing my one-woman show about my Dad. It’s coming, stay tuned.

What training were you doing before RJL:  Running

Paleo or not so much: Modified paleo. I think there is a lot to be said about clearing out the sugar, except for vino of course.

Something you’ve heard or seen while at RJL that you never will or want to forget:  Yes Coach, No Coach, and Please repeat Coach!

What are some special memories or achievements since joining the team @ RJL:  I have a climbing rope in my front yard for my two kiddos. I have never been able to climb it. I spent thirty minutes with Malcolm one afternoon and climbed the RJL rope almost to the top. I still have the rope-burn to remember that day. I like the scar, it’s a gentle reminder of what is possible with clear coaching and trust.

What impact has Run Jump Lift had on your life outside of the gym:  RJL has taught me to marry the mental and the physical. I’ve been challenged in ways I could never imagine, let alone succeed. It’s taught me to throw off the limits and trust my body. RJL is also a reverent place as well. I love to learn. And I revere the process.

Tell us something many of us do NOT know about you:  I LOVE to read!

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