Athlete of the Month – December 2015

Run Jump Lift

Athlete of the Month – December 2015


getting to know Colin Helms

You prefer to be called:  Colin

You spend most of your time:  If I’m not commuting to and from Manhattan, I’m hanging with my family, cycling, and trying not to get too old and fat.

Favorite quote or words to live by:  Slow and steady wins the race. 

Athletic background:  Ran track and cross-county in high school, cyclist my whole life.

How long at RJL &  your first WOD: It’s been over two years at RJL, and according to Logsitall, Run & Fun was my first WOD. A pretty easy one, considering what it could have been!

What do you like most about RJL: The community and coaches. I’d never found a regular workout regimen that got me out of bed and excited about going to the gym before RJL. I love seeing my friends and fellow athletes every day and being part of something that feels incredibly special. Malcolm’s approach to running this box—focusing on personal gains, not group competition—is unique in the CrossFit world, and I think we’re lucky to have something like this in our community.   

What are your training goals:  Recover from my injuries, improve my form, and eventually hit a 300 lb. deadlift.

Favorite & least favorite WODs: Favorites include anything that involves running, box jumps, or ab work; least favorites will always involve burpees.

Recent or next adventure: Supporting my wife in the launch of her own yoga studio.

What training were you doing before RJL:  Not much—cycling and running.

Paleo or not so much: Not so much. I try to avoid white carbs as much as possible and limit dairy, but when you work long days and have two young kids, you pretty much eat whatever’s there when you get home.

Something you’ve heard or seen while at RJL that you never will or want to forget:  I’m sworn to secrecy.

What are some special memories or achievements since joining the team @ RJL:  Watching people of all ages, shapes and sizes make massive gains in their conditioning, strength and confidence. It’s a life-changing place.

What impact has Run Jump Lift had on your life outside of the gym:  Hugely positive. I have more energy and focus, which makes me better at work and life in general.

Tell us something many of us do NOT know about you:  I’m a beer nerd. I love good craft beer. Which is why I need to come to RJL more!

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