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Jump Lift CrossFit Athlete of the Month – November 2013


Get to know Jeremy Feldman

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you prefer to be called: Jeremy

you spend most of your time: Playing football and trying to fit in school work somewhere in between

favorite quote or words to live by: “The difference between a successful person is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.” -Vince Lombardi

athletic background: I did karate for around 5 years, made black belt, and then broke my leg and never got back into it. I’ve also done many other sports including soccer, baseball, tennis, and basketball.

how long at RJL &  your first WOD: I’ve been at RJL for 3 years now and my first WOD was a Dan E. custom that included burpee-box jumps, kettle bell carries, and the ladder. My first named WOD was Suffering Succotash.

what do you like most about RJL: The thing I like most about RJL is the athletes and the coaches. The athletes become like your family and you get to know them, and the coaches are great and constantly push you to new heights.

what are your training goals: My training goals are to get stronger, and get faster in terms of short distance running.

my favorite WOD: My favorite WOD is probably Angie or anything with pullups, burpees, or running.

my least favorite WOD: My least favorite WOD is probably Fight Gone Bad or anything with just arms the whole workout.

recent or next adventure: Getting through my first year of high school

what training were you doing before RJL: Before RJL I was at home doing pushups and sit ups in my basement, thinking about how strong I was going to get (I was also 10 at the time).

Paleo or not so much? I <3 Bread


Something you’ve heard or seen while at RJL that you never will or want to forget? When my mom finally got the 95lb bar above her head during the Crossfit Games open. I was so happy for her and proud too.

special memories or achievements since joining the team @ RJL: I recently got my muscle up and have since gotten 5 in a row. Also, I have been setting a lot of PR’s as of late, with my max pull ups up at 36 and my max clean 118lb.

What impact has Run Jump Lift had on your life outside of the gym? RJL has had a big impact on my life outside of the gym. I have met so many people that I have got to train with and get to know better as well. Also, RJL helps me to be a better athlete when playing football, both physically and mentally.

Something many of us do NOT know about you? I have been playing the drums for 12 years and am in a band called Gold Rush. I also have two girl pet rats names Erin and Lila.

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